Founded in 2015, listed in 2018 on the Nasdaq, Pinduoduo became the third-largest e-commerce player behind and Alibaba (Taobao/Tmall).

Source: Unsplash; Karen Z

In the year of Pinduoduo’s entry, the abovementioned and Alibaba already dominated the market with a combined gross merchandise value of over US$400 billion. Both and Alibaba mainly targeted efficiency and conversion funnel. Pinduoduo, however, chose a different approach. The company created a new concept — a social…

Tokyo is a city of ceaseless transformation. Glass skyscrapers are appearing in place of old low-rise neighborhoods. Short travel time and pleasant trips to international airports are showing what tunnel engineering can do for a city. Underground parking for bikes, which moves down bikes and hides them away from the view, provides a great solution for the city short on pavement space. Even Tokyo’s taxi fleet is exemplary with its tidy and neat interiors, dark shades, doors automatically swinging open to welcome passengers, and, of course, politeness of drivers.

Source: Louie Martinez

Contrasts are inevitable in a city of Tokyo. Tokyo is very predictable when it comes to public transport timetables, mail delivery, low crime rates. At the same time, the city is changing at a fast pace. One may see giant cranes almost everywhere. …

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Source:

One of the most expensive old master artists (with one of the paintings worth $170 million) in the 21st century is Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571–1610), the iconic Italian Baroque painter. He is known for his dramatic depiction of light and dark, shadows, intense realism. Caravaggio had a profound impact…

Surrealism is an artistic movement which was officially defined by André Breton in his Manifesto of Surrealism. The 20th century was the century of dreams, mysticism and fantasies. The period was characterized by Freudian investigations of mind and the rapid development of the machinery. In the waiting of the greatest…

Throughout history, governments had conflicting views on the taxation of art — sometimes they wanted to make more profit out of art by increasing taxes, or at other times they aimed at improving their appeal to the public by decreasing them.

Source: Robilant + Voena

United Kingdom

In the early-19th century Great Britain, the government introduced a wealth tax on artists’ paintings — making their financial state even worse. …

Galyna Bozhok

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